How long will my helium balloons float / last (in Malaysia)?

Helium balloons unfortunately have a limited lifespan. Especially the hot & humid climate in Malaysia and South East Asia is hard on them. While we would love to be able to break the laws of physics and make them float for you forever, here are some approximate floating times for the most common balloon types.

You will see Hi-Float being mentioned, which extends the floating times of balloons. Learn more about Hi-Float here.

Latex Confetti Balloons Float Times

Latex Balloons

  • 12″ Solid: Up to 12 hours / 24 hours with Hi-Float
  • 12″ Confetti & Hearts: Up to 6 hours / 12 hours with Hi-Float
  • 18″ Solid: Up to 24 hours / 48 hours with Hi-Float
  • 36″ Solid: Up to 2 days / 3+ days with Hi-Float
  • 36″ Confetti: Up to 2 days / 3+ days with Hi-Float
How long will foil balloons last in Malaysia

Foil Balloons

  • 18″ Hearts, Stars & Circles: 3+ days
  • Printed Foil Balloons: 7+ days
  • Orbz & Cubez: 7+ days
How long will Bubble Balloons float?

Bubble Balloons

  • 18″ Bubble Balloons: Up to 2 days
  • 24″ Bubble Balloons: 3+ days
  • 36″ Bubble Balloons: 7+ days

Please note that those values have been tested in an air-conditioned environment of around 22°C. The actual floating times may differ based on:

  • Temperature, Humidity & Altitude
  • Frequent temperature changes (bringing them in & out)
  • Balloon quality. While we only use the highest quality latex balloons from international brands, your balloons from Shopee, Lazada or Taobao are probably not
  • Handling; If your kids are playing with the balloons, they might not last very long, balloons are fragile 😌

What can I do to make them last longer?

Basically, avoid all of the things that have been mentioned above and also make use of our Hi-Float option.

  • Keep the balloons in a cool environment
  • Don’t keep changing the temperature rapidly around the balloons
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Don’t buy your balloons from Shopee, Lazada or Taobao (or Petaling Street for that matter)
  • Only let your kids play with them once you don’t need them for decorative purposes anymore 😅

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