What are your delivery charges / rates?

For the longest time, we have been subsidising places that are far from our location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Places like Rawang, Klang, Shah Alam, Kajang, Jenjarom, Sungai Buloh and others are frequently costing us RM50 to deliver to, while we were offering a flat rate of RM19 for the whole of KL & Selangor. Customers closer to us were therefore also paying a higher delivery rate than necessary for them to balance that out.

This is not a sustainable long-term model for growth as a company and it’s also just not fair to most people. We were taxing the many to subsidise the few. That’s why we have introduced dynamic delivery rates based on your location. We’re still charging less than our delivery service GoGet (or Lalamove for that matter), for example a delivery to a place 32 km away from us will cost us RM41, but we’re only charging RM32. So, we’re still subsidising deliveries, but equally for everyone.

Here are the delivery rates (based on KM from our shop in Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur):

  • Minimum rate: RM9.00 (If you’re 1.0 km away, you’re paying RM9.00)
  • Up to 5.0 km: RM2.00 / km (If you’re 5.0 km away, you’re paying RM10.00)
  • Up to 10.0 km: RM1.50 / km (If you’re 10.0 km away, you’re paying RM15.00)
  • Up to 25.0 km: RM1.25 / km (If you’re 25.0 km away, you’re paying RM31.25)
  • Above 25.0 km: RM1.10 / km (If you’re 40.0 km away, you’re paying RM44.00)

We’ve also introduced Google Maps address auto-complete, so your address & delivery fees will always be accurate according to exactly where you are.

Free KL & Selangor delivery

This also allows us to offer free delivery to more people. Instead of having free delivery for orders above RM300 as a general rule, it is also based on your location / distance to us.

  • Up to 5.0 km: Free delivery for orders above RM200
  • Up to 10.0 km: Free delivery for orders above RM250
  • Up to 25.0 km: Free delivery for orders above RM300
  • Up to 50.0 km: Free delivery for orders above RM500

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