What is Hi-Float? Do I need it?

Hi-Float is a special gel that is applied to the inside of helium latex balloons to make them float longer. A layer of Hi-Float gel helps to trap the helium inside the balloons, so it’s harder for it to escape through the semipermeable natural latex material.

It’s not magic though.

In Malaysia, applying Hi-Float usually doubles the time that typical helium latex balloons stay afloat. Regular 12″ latex balloons will float up to 24 hours instead of 12 hours and 12″ transparent / confetti balloons (due to the thinner material and added weight) will float for 12 hours instead of 6 hours.

In colder countries, Hi-Float can have a much better effect, as it can “harden” inside of the balloon. The climate in Malaysia unfortunately doesn’t allow for it to become solid. That’s why we always recommend to keep helium latex balloons inside of an air-conditioned room (but not directly under the A/C, as the fans will push them down and actually reduce the floating time).

Should I add the Hi-Float option?

That’s really up to you, based on what we’ve explained above. We would recommend to add Hi-Float in the following scenarios:

  • Your balloons are delivered / picked up in the morning, because that’s the only timing possible for you, but your event is in the evening
  • Your event is in the early morning & you have the balloons delivered / picked up the evening before
  • Your event is outdoors or there is strong wind that can drag / push the balloons down
  • You simply want to have your balloons look nice for a longer time

That’s the quick explanation about Hi-Float. Feel free to contact us for a scientific in-depth discussion about Hi-Float (please don’t 😄).

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