Satin Luxe Jade Heart Balloon Bouquet

How long will my helium balloons last?


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Luxurious jade green helium heart balloon bouquet that sparkles like the actual gemstone. Comes in a bunch with 6 additional helium latex balloons in matching colours. Minimal, but still impressive.

Our Satin Luxe Jade Green Heart Balloon Bunch includes

  • Personalised Jade Green Satin Luxe Heart (18″)
  • 2x Green Confetti Helium Latex Balloons (12″)
  • 2x Satin White Helium Latex Balloons (12″)
  • 2x Chrome Green Helium Latex Balloons (12″)

Floating Times

The 12″ transparent with green confetti latex helium balloons float for 12 hours, while the solid colour chrome green & satin white helium balloons will last for approximately 24 hours. Foil balloons typically last longer, therefore the 18″ jade green heart heart will float for 3+ days. Hi-Float is included for all latex balloons, so they’ll float longer.

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