Rose Gold Hearts Helium Balloon Bouquet

How long will my helium balloons last?


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An elegant, understated and pure helium balloon bouquet, featuring a simple & classy “I Love You” heart design with six helium balloons in matching colours. Not only perfect for Valentine’s Day, but other occasions too.

Our Rose Gold Hearts Helium Balloon Bouquet includes:

  • Heart-shaped mylar foil helium balloon (18″)
  • 2x Fashion Series White Helium Balloons (12″)
  • 2x Satin Pearl Series Silver Helium Balloons (12″)
  • 2x Fashion Series Red Helium Balloons (12″)

Floating Times

The standard solid-coloured 12″ helium balloons will last for around 24 hours, while the printed foil balloons usually stays afloat for about 3 days before it slowly starts shrinking.

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