Merry Me Premium Ice Cream – Assorted Flavours and Size

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Being the first of its kind, Merry is eagerly awaiting the day to bring Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream to the world.

  • Chocolate Cheese – Brother of Rich Chocolate. A milder take on chocolate ice cream. Addition of cheese to lift up the creaminess.
  • Earl Grey Lavender – Classic English tea mix with lavender for a floral aroma. A subtle and gentle ice cream. Perfect for tea time.
  • Gula Melaka – Merry’s signature Gula Melaka ice cream. A familiar sweet and fragrant taste. A much loved flavour from all ages.
  • Mint Choc Chip – You can feel the menthol by looking at it. Additional of chocolate chips give it a nice crunchy mouthfeel!
  • Nutty Berries – Peanut butter jelly, our go-to breakfast spread is now available in ice cream form! Both savoury and sweet, combining the best of both worlds.
  • Passion Fruit – A sour boom, intense acidity, slightly sweet and lot of sourness. Acidity of the fruit gives yogurt-like taste and texture.
  • Rich Chocolate – A well-balance mixture of 3 types of Belgian chocolate. Dark chocolate’s aroma and mild balanced sweetness.
  • Salted Egg Oreo – Sweet and creamy from the tip, slowly bring in the lovely salted egg fragrance. A bold and unique taste!
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – While maintaining the fruity taste of strawberry, cheese element is added to create a beyond classic taste.
  • Tau Fu Fah – A heavenly flavour with strong and bold soy bean taste and ending with wonderful Gula Melaka fragrance!
  • Tiramisu – A non-sweet ice cream with a hint of coffee, dark chocolate and lady finger. A pint full of different texture.

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