Gender Reveal Balloon Tower

How long will my helium balloons last?


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Our latest creation, a traditional balloon column made into a beautiful gender reveal balloon tower. Choose from several options for the reveal, confetti explosion, confetti & mini-balloon explosion or mini-balloons that are flying up to the ceiling (or sky).

Make it your own

  • Choose a curated balloon design from our selection with different texts (or send us your own)
  • Select helium mini-balloons, a confetti explosion or confetti & mini-balloons (air-filled) as the filling
  • Change the colours of the tower and the filling to your own preference
  • Available in 2m or 3m height

Floating times / Longevity

The balloon tower and the 36″ jumbo gender reveal balloon are air-filled, so they will last for a long time, 2 weeks to a month.

Please note that if you choose the helium mini-balloons as the filling, your delivery time should be close to the popping / reveal time, as the mini-balloons inside won’t float for very long (~3-4 hours).

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