DIY Organic Balloon Garland

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This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) product. It’s delivered flat / uninflated.

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Our super popular and hot-selling balloon decoration, Organic Balloon Garland now comes in a DIY version! Take your time and have fun while decorating your party, these can be made a few days prior to your party as they last for more than a week or more. Go crazy and creative with them!

Step 1: Prepare the balloons and accessories.
Step 2: Inflate them in different sizes so they look organic and non-uniform. There are no rules here, just have fun!
Step 3: Put the individually tied balloons onto the balloon string provided by inserting the balloon neck into the holes of the string.
Step 4: Once all the balloons are inserted onto the balloon string, hang it on a wall or a backdrop or on any sturdy frame using the 3M Command hooks and loose strings provided.
Step 5: Adjust the balloons’ position on how you see fit from the frontal look. If you find the balloons are too loose and far from each other, use the balloon tape to tape them together to create a more “closed-up” look.
Step 6: Voila! Your DIY Organic Balloon Garland is done and you’re ready to commence your party!

Set includes:

  • 20x 5 inch latex balloons
  • 30x 12 inch latex balloons
  • 3x 18 inch latex balloons
  • 1x 5 meter long balloon string
  • 1x roll of balloon tape
  • 1x hand pump
  • 2x 3M Command hooks (these will not peel off paint and is safe to use!)
  • Loose strings for hanging

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