Deluxe Backdrop Decoration Setup (Themed)

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Have a wonderful party with our deluxe backdrop decoration setup package, designed to match (or make) your theme. Choose from a variety of options to fit your wishes.

Make it your own

  • Choose the backdrop colour
  • Select the balloon colours
  • Enter your own text and we’ll make a design out of it
  • Your theme of choice
  • Enter special instructions for us (subject to availability / possibility)

Our Deluxe Themed Backdrop Decoration Setup includes

  • Indoor events (disposable foam boards): 2x Extra-large backdrops, 220cm (7.2 feet) & 180cm (5.9 feet) tall x 104cm (3.4 feet) wide
  • Total size (incl. balloon garlands): 250cm (8.2 feet) height x 320cm (10.5 feet) width
  • Outdoor events (rental wooden boards): 2x Large backdrop, 213 cm (7 ft) tall x 107cm (3.5 feet) wide
  • Total size (incl. balloon garlands): 240cm (7.8 feet) heightx 320cm (10.5 feet) width
  • 2.50 m (8 ft) & 1.20 m (4 ft) long, extra thick balloon garlands
  • 2 – 3 (depending on theme & size), large mylar / foil balloons that match your theme
  • Multiple small mylar / foil balloons to match your theme
  • Small extra decorations to make it more lively

Longevity & Details

The price is inclusive of on-location setup and delivery (for most areas within Selangor). The whole setup can easily last for a week and we won’t need to take it back from you, as we’re using disposable foam boards. You can keep it up as long as you would like to.


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