Deluxe Tabletop Balloon Column

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In our opinion, one of the most beautiful pieces that our balloon artists and florists ever created. A smaller-sized balloon column that’s for the tabletop or standing on a stool, perfect for any occasion. In the pictures, you’ll see a design for a bridal shower or suitable for a wedding. Choose your own colours and enter your own text and we’ll make an amazing, overall design out of it, trying to match the flower options and colours to your balloon choices.

Our Deluxe Tabletop Balloon Column includes:

  • Personalised double-layer balloon on top with your own text (16″)
  • Artificial flowers & additional decorations
  • Height: 115cm (45″)


This balloon column would last for around 2 weeks with good care, while the smallest balloons would slowly deflate by then. The personalised main balloon on top would last for months. Everything is air-filled and artificial flowers and additional decorations are used.

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