Deluxe Jumbo Gender Reveal Balloon Bouquet

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Our upgraded, deluxe gender reveal helium balloon bouquet. Surprise your family & friends in style, reveal the gender(s) of your baby or babies with confetti, helium mini-balloons or a combination of both.

  • Black Jumbo (36″ / 91 cm) Helium Balloon with coloured sticker & filling of your choice
  • 4x Pastel Pink Helium Balloons (12″)
  • 4x Pastel Blue Helium Balloons (12″)
  • 2x Transparent Helium Balloons (12″) with Mini-Balloons
  • 2x Pink Crystal Pastel Balloons
  • 2x Blue Crystal Pastel Balloons
  • Tassels, spiral balloons & mini-balloon clusters for extra decoration

Now that’s a fancy balloon bouquet, while still staying affordable.

For the 18″ main balloon, the air-filled mini-balloons would be 10, and the helium-filled mini-balloons would be 15. For the 36″ main balloon, the air-filled mini-balloons would be 20, and the helium-filled mini-balloons would be 25.

Floating Times

The 36″ jumbo helium balloon will last for 3+ days, of course it’s slowly shrinking over time, the solid color 12″ helium balloons will float for around 24 hours and the 12″ confetti helium balloons will float for about 12 hours. Hi-Float is included with all orders free of charge to achieve those results. The transparent 12″ helium balloons with mini-balloons will only last for up to 6 hours, due to the added weight, and unfortunately they can’t be treated with Hi-Float.

Please note that if you choose the helium mini-balloons, your delivery time should be close to the reveal / popping time, as the mini-balloons won’t float for very long (~3-4 hours).

Special Options / Arrangements

To make the ordering process easy, we’re not including all possible options, like quadruplets with three girls and one boy. Please contact us for special arrangements, like gender-neutral options.

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