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How long will my helium balloons last?


Important: The lead time for balloon printing is 10 working days.


1-Sided Print
2-Sided Print
2-Sided Print (Different Logo / Design)

Balloon Colour

Solid White
Solid Black
Solid Red
Solid Orange
Solid Yellow
Solid Hot Pink
Solid Light Pink
Solid Lavender
Solid Vanilla Cream
Solid Purple
Solid Green
Solid Lime Green
Solid Royal Blue
Solid Light Blue
Solid Caribbean Blue
Solid Robin Egg Blue
Solid Golden Rod
Solid Burgundy
Metallic White
Metallic Ivory
Metallic Red
Metallic Fuchsia
Metallic Orange
Metallic Gold
Metallic Yellow
Metallic Pink
Metallic Lavender
Metallic Violet
Metallic Forest Green
Metallic Green
Metallic Lime Green
Metallic Navy Blue
Metallic Blue
Metallic Caribbean Blue
Metallic Light Blue
Metallic Chocolate Brown
Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Black
Crystal Clear

Logo / Design Colour

Please note that there's only one color per balloon. If you select multiple colors, those would be on different balloons.


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Amazing Add-ons


Important: Order before 3pm for same-day delivery / same-day self-pickup. See all flower arrangements

Mini Aria Bloom Box RM39.00
Mini Ava Daisy Bloom Box RM47.00
Mini Valerie Flower Bouquet RM93.00
Ava Daisy Flower Bouquet
Ava Daisy Fresh Flower Bouquet RM109.00
Sweet Heather Fresh Flower Bouquet RM131.00
Juliette Rose Fresh Flower Bouquet RM179.00
Valerie Rose Fresh Flower Bouquet RM199.00

Plush Toys

Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Snow
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Snow (Small) RM49.00
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Grey
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Grey (Medium) RM59.00
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Baby Pink
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Blush Pink (Medium) RM59.00
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Lavender
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Lavender (Medium) RM59.00
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Baby Blue
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Sky Blue (Medium) RM59.00
Cuddly Dinosaur Plushie RM59.00
Cuddly Sheep Plushie RM59.00
Cuddly Doggy Plushie RM59.00
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Present your brand on balloons, as a giveaway at your booth or for decorating your venue. Various options for your balloon & logo / design colours. Choose between flat / empty delivery or let us fill the balloons for you with air (on sticks) or helium (floating).

  • 12″ Latex Balloons (Atex brand)
  • 5″ Logo / Design
  • Flat, air-filled on sticks or with helium
  • Various balloon colours and ink colours available (one ink colour per balloon)
  • Choose between 1-sided, 2-sided or 2-sided with different logos / designs printing

We recommend to order at least 1,000 balloons for the best value. The minimum order quantity for balloons is 100. For sticks & cups it’s 1,000. The lead time is 10 working days.


Air-filled, the balloons will last for over a week. With helium, they would last for up to 24 hours. If you have them delivered flat / empty, please store them in air-tight containers for up to a year.

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