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Balloon Colours

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Fashion Series

Classic finish. Choose from a wide range of colours. See larger pictures

Fashion White
Fashion White Sand
Fashion Grey
Fashion Coffee
Fashion Terracotta
Fashion Coral
Fashion Orange
Fashion Peach
Fashion Mustard
Fashion Yellow
Fashion Rosewood
Fashion Bubblegum
Fashion Fuchsia
Fashion Raspberry
Fashion Red
Fashion Burgundy
Fashion Violet
Fashion Lilac
Fashion Caribbean Blue
Fashion Royal Blue
Fashion Navy Blue
Fashion Aquamarine
Fashion Lime Green
Fashion Eucalyptus
Fashion Forest Green
Fashion Black

Metallic Series

Choose from our selection of metallic series colours. See larger pictures

Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Copper
Metallic Black
Metallic Yellow
Metallic Orange
Metallic Red
Metallic Magenta
Metallic Burgundy
Metallic Violet
Metallic Blue

Pastel Matte / Dusk Series

Select colours from our beautiful pastel matte or dusk series. See larger pictures

Pastel Matte Pink
Pastel Matte Lilac
Pastel Matte Yellow
Pastel Matte Green
Pastel Matte Blue
Pastel Dusk Lavender
Pastel Dusk Blue
Pastel Dusk Laurel Green
Pastel Dusk Rose
Pastel Dusk Cream

Satin Pearl Series

Satin Pearl series balloons have shiny, light colours and are semi-transparent. See larger pictures

Satin Pearl White
Satin Pearl Silver
Satin Pearl Pink
Satin Pearl Fuchsia
Satin Pearl Lilac
Satin Pearl Blue
Satin Pearl Ivory
Satin Pearl Yellow
Satin Pearl Green

Confetti Series

Transparent balloons that are filled with confetti. See larger pictures

Rose Gold Confetti
Gold Confetti
Blue Confetti
Silver Confetti
Green Confetti
Black Confetti
White Confetti
Fuchsia Confetti
Red Confetti

Chrome Series

Extra shiny, classy Chrome colours See larger pictures

Chrome Gold
Chrome Silver
Chrome Rose Gold
Chrome Pink Mauve
Chrome Fuchsia
Chrome Purple
Chrome Blue
Chrome Lime Green
Chrome Champagne
Chrome Truffle

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Amazing Add-ons

Cakes & Desserts

Important: Order before 12pm for same-day delivery / self-pickup after 3pm. Designer cakes & cupcakes are not available on Monday. See all cakes & desserts

Designer Buttercream Cupcakes - Seafoam Blue RM99.00
Designer Buttercream Cupcakes - Lavender Pink RM99.00
Aurora Designer Cake RM139.00
Gentleman's Designer Cake RM139.00
Butterfly Kisses Designer Cake RM139.00
Blue Orchid Designer Cake RM139.00
Hearts and Roses
Hearts and Roses Designer Cake RM139.00
Avery Designer Cake RM139.00
The Locale Cake - Pandan Gula Melaka RM109.00
Popstar Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake RM109.00
Mix and Match Cake Bites RM129.00
Assorted Macarons - Tower of 25 RM159.00
Stacked Nutella Brownies RM149.00


Important: Order before 3pm for same-day delivery / same-day self-pickup. See all flower arrangements

Mini Aria Bloom Box RM39.00
Mini Ava Daisy Bloom Box RM39.00
Mini Valerie Flower Bouquet RM79.00
Ava Daisy Flower Bouquet
Ava Daisy Fresh Flower Bouquet RM89.00
Sweet Heather Fresh Flower Bouquet RM109.00
Juliette Rose Fresh Flower Bouquet RM149.00
Valerie Rose Fresh Flower Bouquet RM159.00

Plush Toys

Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Grey
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Grey (Small) RM49.00
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Snow
Cuddly Bunny Plushie - Snow (Medium) RM59.00
Cuddly Sheep Plushie RM59.00
Curly-Haired Teddy
Cuddly Curly-Haired Teddy Bear Plushie RM59.00
Cuddly Penguin Plushie RM49.00
Cuddly Tiger Plushie RM59.00
Cuddly Elephant Plushie RM59.00
Cuddly Llama Plushie RM59.00
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Build your own helium balloon bouquet, starting with a bunch of 6 balloons. Choose between bubble balloons, Orbz, stars, hearts and circles to add as centerpiece balloons. Or just leave it as it is and choose your own colours for the bunch itself.

Make it your own

  • Choose how many colours you’d like
  • Select if you want Chrome colours or Confetti balloons too
  • Pick your colours from a wide range of options
  • Add a centerpiece balloon with your own, personalised text

Floating Times

The floating times vary greatly depending on your selection. Have a look at our our floating times overview to learn more. In general, solid colour balloons float for 24 hours and confetti (transparent) balloons for12 hours. We include Hi-Float for all latex balloons, for them to float as long as possible.

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